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American Sign Language, We Have A Problem

VIDEO in ASL - Houston, uh... American Sign Language, We have a big problem.

A Deaf activist and psychologist, Amy Cohen Efron also known as a blogger "Deaf World As Eye See It", Efron posted the article about the value in American Sign Language (ASL) which related to the viral video star of Paul and Tina Sirimarco's signalongs that lead to the deafies into the hottest debates, theories, thoughts of about the mostly hearing people has culturally misappropriated American Sign Language (ASL) from Deaf Community.

Amy Cohen Efron's statement on the article...

We. Have. A. Big. Fucking. Problem. Here. Everyone, Did I get your attention? Good. Watch my vlog, then read on...

I am talking to the Deaf Community here.

Are you sick of audism?
Sick of hearing signers making money off American Sign Language?
Sick of non-certified interpreters taking jobs that they are not qualified to do so?
Sick of hearing people taking ASL teaching jobs?
Sick of this and that?

Let’s look at National Association of the Deaf's mission,

“The mission of the National Association of the Deaf is to promote, protect, and preserve the civil, human and linguistic rights of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in the United States of America.”

Audism – is a civil and human issue.
Language/ASL appropriation – is a linguistic issue.
Non-certified interpreters – is a civil and linguistic issue.
Hearing people taking ASL teaching jobs – is a civil and human issue.

Let’s look into linguistic rights. What is this really mean?

American Sign Language (ASL) is our right. That is our language. (Please keep your debate about who owns ASL out of here, because that is not the point!)

We need to band together to educate ourselves what is language appropriation really means, and we need to instill our value in American Sign Language.

To be perfectly honest with you all... the truth is... Read more:

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