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Deaf, Gay and Angry - All About Racism & Privilege

VIDEO: Ricky Taylor's ASL rants "All About Racism & Privilege."

The video producer by openly Deaf Gay Ricky Taylor aka Ridor9th, also well known as one of the most controversial bloggers in Deaf community, posted and shares the ASL rant vlog. Please note that this is 64 minutes long. Covering on many things in life about racism & privilege which is widespread all across many Deaf communities, Deaf schools, Deaf sports, Deaf individuals, Deaf cliques, Deaf organizations on every level.

* Disclaimer & Background
* The List of Privileges & Oppression
* Did You Do This On Your Free Time?
* Deaf Privileges
* 5, not 4, Prime Examples % Academic & College Bowls % Clerc Classic % Leala Holcomb % The Bonheyos % Nyle DiMarco
* Fundraising I: Deaf Privileges
* Fundraising II: Racism
* Remember Dr. Angela McCaskill?
* Angela's Thoughts (and Felt) Are Valid
* Unequal Response: Racism? By Franklin Jones Jr
* Gallaudet Must Discipline Mary Keane
* No, You Are Not Qualified
* #BlackLivesMatter
* 2 Incidents in North Carolina and Kentucky
* Where is Marlee Matlin?
* Trump Made Fun of Disabled People
* Public Figure & Private Person
* Border Wall Is (going to American's ultimate) Suicidal.

This is it - You've reached the place that perhaps the only Deaf Gay man that knew almost ... everything about your lives. Enjoy the ride. Cheers, R-

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