Nude Celebrities Leaked Online

Nude photographs that shows multiple celebrities leaked online.

Celebrity pictures and videos hacked - Parental guidance is advised, The features images might contain content may not be suitable for all children.

CUPERTINO, California -- On August 31, 2014, almost 200 private pictures of various celebrities, mostly females and with many containing nudity, were posted to image board website 4chan. After the initial posting, other large social media websites, including reddit, anon-ib, imgur and tumblr, followed suit in posting the private images.

It was initially believed that they were taken through an exploit of iCloud, to which iPhone photos can be automatically synced. An investigation by Apple found the photos were stolen using targeted attacks on usernames, passwords and security questions. The photographs were allegedly sold for bitcoin. The event is also known as The Fappening.

The hacked nude photographs leaked online of actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have been traded on the Internet for at least a week and could be just the tip of the iceberg of stolen celebrity pictures. Exchanged on the deep web black market and deviant message boards specializing in stolen revenge porn' photography, the compromising pictures have been used as a currency of sorts among perverted members of these forums.

Indeed, in the aftermath of Sunday's mass dumping of naked pictures, these boards have descended into anarchy and infighting, with a civil war erupting between those who leaked the pictures and those furious their sordid, secret game has been thrown into the public eye.

Worringly for the general public is how simple the posters make their privacy theft seem and raises the frightening prospect that Apple's iCloud used by millions is not safe for anyone to store sensitive information on - Revealed: Hacked nude celebrity photos had been on 'deep web' black market for a week and there could be even more to come!

The original release contained photos of more than 100 individuals. Victims of the exploit, whose photo were leaked, are alleged to include celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted the photos on his blog after their release, but shortly took them down and issued an apology, saying he had acted in bad taste - List of Content and victims.

A major site of activity was on the link sharing website reddit, where a subreddit was created to share the photos and gained 75,000 subscribers in a single day. Reddit admins were criticized for allowing this to take place in an alleged violation of their anti-doxing rules.

In the days before the stolen images were uploaded en masse to the 4chan anonymous image-sharing forum on Sunday, the Internet had been awash with claims by web-perverts that they were trading in the embarrassing photographs. Among these boasts were that the hackers had accumulated pictures of at least 100 celebrities - and were biding their time before releasing them all online.

However, these outrageous claims seemed to originate not on 4chan, but the pornographic image board, anon-ib, which focuses usually on pornographic photographs of non-celebrity women. During the last week, threads dedicated to Jennifer Lawrence that claimed to contain genuine images of the naked actress began to flood anon-ib, now proved to be real following the actresses confirmation that the pictures are indeed her.

The FBI said that it was "aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter."

Jennifer Lawrence contacted authorities and her publicist has stated that the authorities will prosecute anyone who posts leaked images of her - FBI and Apple Investigates. This form of hacking works by studying which online services your target uses, before compiling as much information on them as possible, such as their email address, a mother's maiden name, a date of birth, and more.

This data can then be used to trick them into handing over their details or guess their password. If a celebrity uses the same password across accounts, this would be then make it relatively easy for someone to hack if they had the right information.


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Nude Celebrities Leaked Online

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