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Danny Skits Video - Allegations of Plagiarism

WATCH [CC] - Controversy: Danny's skits video is accused of plagiarism from Deafies in Drag known as the Deaf comedy duo.

The Deaf comedy duo, cheekily nicknamed "Deafies in Drag," has been making YouTube videos covering a range of topics as they speaks out about copyright, plagiarism and cultural which they claims Danny's Skits Video's lack of a unique vision and plagiarism has left Deaf community despondent and rudderless.

The duo's thought and speak out about the United Kingdom's little Deaf boy known as "Danny's Skits Video" and wrote the settlement on their Facebook:

"Hello everyone, today I want you to read this carefully: No negativity or insults to anyone. Let's have an open dialogue on how we can prevent plagiarism and cultural appropriation through media.

We want to keep Deaf community accountable: if you see a person copying someone else's content or yours, say something. I applaud to some people for correcting our mistakes in the past, it helped us improve better and I want the same for others with this topic.

Cultural appropriation: a concept dealing with the adoption of the elements of a minority culture by members of the dominant culture.

This is a message for Danny and his mother, we all have tried to ask you to create your own content for years and to please remove that video "Worst Interpreters" and the rest are yours.

For Danny's supporters, please kindly let him know this and hopefully he can produce his own content and style for you all.

I wish nothing but the best for Danny, I just want Danny to do it the right way without harming others. Thank you!"

Note: Deaf community recognized Danny Murphy has numerous plagiarizing videos from Deafies in Drag and Danny's ignorance mother Kelly is considered as at least subliminally racism and privilege as seen on the DVTV users responses has reacted to a video showing on DeafVIDEO.TV/#Comments.

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Danny Skits Video - Allegations of Plagiarism
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