Deaf Girl Dies of Bacterial by Cochlear Implant

An Omaha girl died of bacterial meningitis over the weekend after deteriorating very quickly.

OMAHA, Nebraska -- Katie Engle, 7, was a second-grader at Washington Elementary School. Her mother, Roxanne, said her daughter came home school on Friday not feeling well. She was dead the next day.

The first symptom a headache showed up a few days earlier. Katie was admitted to a hospital on Friday. Engle said her daughter didn't have the other symptoms associated with bacterial meningitis, which include vomiting, fever and lethargy, until she got to the hospital in Omaha.

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Doctors said bacterial meningitis is not contagious. They believe it may have been caused by Katie's cochlear implant. They said it could have been prevented with a vaccination.

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"I had tried and they were always out," Engle said. "After going back several times, I forgot about it."

The family donated Katie's organs.

Engle said Katie has seven siblings. The family has set up a memorial fund to cover funeral expenses at Security National Bank branches around town.


Cochlear Implants is a Form of Child Abuse:

On the surface, cochlear implants sound like a promising medical solution to the problems surrounding hearing loss or total deafness. A cochlear implant uses existing nerves and electronic signals to override damaged auditory nerves, thus restoring a sense of hearing to the recipient. However, this technology has also caused serious divisions within the Deaf community concerning the hearing society's position on deafness in general. A number of members of the Deaf community choose to view their deaf status as a subculture of society, in the same sense as a Hispanic person would embrace his or her Hispanic culture.

Deafness is not a handicap per se, but a shared experience which gives the Deaf community its unique cultural identity. To members of this Deaf subculture, cochlear implants are considered disrespectful and insulting, since the medical community views deafness as a handicap which must be treated or corrected: Cochlearwar - Myths and Facts.

Certain factions of the Deaf community also believe a Deaf person's ability to live a full and meaningful life is not compromised by his or her deafness, so the suggestion that cochlear implants provide advantages over a Deaf lifestyle is shortsighted and insensitive.

Many people cope very well with their deafness, learning sign language and lip reading and adapting their work and home environments to accommodate their loss of hearing. Perhaps the cochlear implant is only for MONEY as dirty business, watch Cochlear Business is Dirty Business.

Another controversy surrounding cochlear implants and the Deaf community is the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. Cochlear implantation involves major surgery in an area of the body filled with delicate nerves which control facial movements. One mistake during surgery could cause long-term facial paralysis, also and it is might be a risk to cochlear implant users where the thunderstorms approaching as weather affected of the conspiracy theory as seen on video clip Cochlear Implant User Struck By Lightning.

Cochlear implants can also destroy any remaining healthy auditory nerves, which means a Deaf person could lose all remnants of natural hearing which may have helped them adjust to a Deaf lifestyle. Cochlear implants require the recipient to undergo significant fine-tuning sessions, and success can vary widely from recipient to recipient. The controversy over cochlear implants often pits hearing parents against Deaf parents when it comes to raising their Deaf children in a hearing world. Many Deaf parents would prefer to raise their Deaf child in a Deaf culture, including the use of sign language and lip reading. Hearing parents who are not familiar with the Deaf community may opt for the cochlear implant surgery to correct their Deaf child's perceived handicap, Cochlear Implant Cruelty.

The result may be a Deaf child who can partially hear, or a hearing child with a Deaf cultural heritage. Either way, the child may face social ostracism from both communities if the parents do not consider the long-term effects of cochlear implant surgery. Not all members of Deaf community view cochlear implants as an unnecessary procedure, but hearing parents facing a difficult decision concerning a Deaf child may want to research both sides of the controversy before committing to cochlear implant surgery. Benefits and Risks of Cochlear Implants.

What is the Leading Cause of Child Abandonment?

History of Abandonment/Abuse - History tends to repeat itself and this is especially true of abuse and neglect patterns. Parents who experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment at the hands of someone when they were a child are more likely to repeat the pattern and abuse, neglect or abandon their own children. UNICEF estimates that 13 million children worldwide have been abandoned by both parents for various reasons, abuse and neglect among them, the video in behavioral problems for not learning in sign language and oppression.

Handicap/Illness of Child - A child born with a handicap, birth defect or chronic illness has a higher chance of being abandoned by their parents. Since infants and children are needy to begin with, parents living with a child with a chronic condition may not be able to cope with the increased demands of their child. Like parents who live in poverty, these parents believe their child will be better off without them and abandon these child to the foster care system or to live with other relatives.

Behavioral Problems - All children experience behavior problems as they grow and learn about the world around them. For some parents, their child's misbehavior is a source of extreme stress they are unable to handle. Other parents have children with extreme, even criminal, behavior that they are unable or unwilling to control. These children are at an increased risk of being removed from their parent's care or having their parents find alternative placement situations for them. Watch short film Alone In A Hearing World.

STOP abuse Deaf children for profits

Cochlear Implant Fails... Lawsuits... Call Lawyer... Cochlear Implant Lawyer for Advanced Bionics and Clarion Devices. Get a free lawsuit review for Advanced Bionics cochlear implants and earlier Clarion models by completing the form on this page. A Deaf attorney is available to review your information and can discuss it by videophone (VP). The lawyers of Weitz and, Luxenberg P.C. have expanded litigation against Advanced Bionics related to defective Advanced bionics and cochlear implants implanted in young children and adults:

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