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Carl Schroeder In Gay Solo Action

Deaf educator, vlogger Carl Schroeder in gay solo action has gone viral on social media platform in Deaf community.

Warning: Some viewers may find this images distressing. This content that is not suitable for under ages.

Ricky Taylor (aka Ridor9th) who is known as the most controversial blogger and vlogger in Deaf community, he posted an article on his blog "Carl Schroeder In Gay Solo Action" has gone viral on social media platform in Deaf community.

Read it and weep...

Let's close 2018 with a bang with the shock evidence for you all to use your hand to cover your mouth that will open wide after seeing the damaging video clips.

Watch Ricky Taylor's ASL vlog "Guilty As Fuck!"

Carl Schroeder died 5 years ago of illness associated with Pancreatic Cancer. He was well known Deaf educator and v/blogger who would go after people who disagreed with his vision, argument or conversation.

Carl Schroeder used to teach at dozens of colleges including Gallaudet University and Western Oregon University.

It is open secret that I was vocal critic about his so-called "Deaf Hate Crime" which I occasionally disputed his claims as he tried to compare his findings with homophobia.

It is well known that Carl Schroeder was the culprit, whom Ella Mae Lentz encouraged him to proceed, who called Maryland's Child Protection Services on my sister in retaliation of me being critical of Carl and Ella Mae in 2010 back in Frederick, Maryland.

Ella Mae Lentz cannot deny this because I still retain the copies of group email correspondence which clearly pinned on Ella Mae Lentz and Carl Schroeder.

Yes, the CPS interviewed me, my Mother, my sister, my sister's kid, Debra Garner and her kids at our homes and at MSD. It was quite confusing and embarrassing at that time.

All because Carl and Ella Mae did do this to harm and embarrass my family members just to retaliate on me. That was such a disgraceful thing to see.

If you know me very well, these things won't silence me. It makes me ... more of a defiant than ever.

Even after Carl's death, I always knew that things like this will emerge. Karma does not care if one is dead or not, it always comes out on its own time.

And I have no qualms about using it to my benefits even to trample and discredit on him even after his death.

After all, he was the one who did do that to me, my sister, my niece and my mother the first time around. Hence I reserve the right to do the same.

Yes, I am aware that Carl has his children and family still alive these days. Like I said, he pulled this disturbing tactic on my family members and in turn, I don't give a shit about whether if this is going to impact his children and his family!

Carl Schroeder started this and I finished the job like Scalphunter did do to his victim.

A friend of mine went to a gay bathhouse not a long time ago, he apparently wanted to get his rocks off which is normal for any gay man.

Most gay bathhouses tend to show variety of gay porn activity on their TV screens. My friend was shocked to see Carl Schroder performing the solo action under "mature men" videos. Needless to say, my friend recorded of this inside the bathhouse and shared it with me.

Judging the video clips, it is obvious that Carl did do this sometimes in 2000s when he was in Hawaii or Oregon. At the time, he was active in the Deaf Vlogosphere and yet, he participated in this.

I'm enclosing the edited video clips for you to see. You cannot deny that the person on the video clips are Carl Schroeder himself.



SOURCE - Ridor9th

Ricky Taylor on the TV News:
Deaf Community Reacts Idaho Falls ASL Mural

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