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Deaf Newspaper - Ken Davis Scandal

VIDEO: [Signed] - Deaf Newspaper the CEO Ken Davis under fire for dishonest, unprofessional behavior, false allegations or claims in covering the Deaf social networking which recent reports made by public to the communities.

This story covers about the ceo and founder also known as Ken Davis the reporter-newsman America's newspaper web-site offers the communities a social networking for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

However, the things Deaf individuals consistently find disgusting and sparked a chorus of outrage after Davis telling the followers that he's denying the allegations or false claims were found on facebook page among the false-filled messages that are used as insinuations or allegations individuals also and critical, disagree, disapprove or speech manner in the ASL-signing regarding Ken Davis' comments/videos.

Ken Davis telling his followers as they recognizes the influence opportunities into situation and take advantage to convincing them as denying of accusations. Ken Davis' statements on Facebook and YouTube to given the messages according to his wallpage.

"Ken Davis is always sharing Deaf People's NEWS and WARNING on his news. He is in middle of Deaf people "Please post it" and "Please remove it". Should Deaf Newspaper CEO Ken Davis resign from newsman and shut down website? Are you control of his business? What you wish for Ken Davis to do?"

Many people thinks the Deaf Ken Davis is a unprofessional journalism and fake newsman according to the Deaf social networking responses has reacted to a video showing on DeafNewsPaper, You Are Dumbest In The World!.... DeafNewsPaper, Ken Davis Is A Scams ? and on YouTube videos showing.... Deafnewspaper: Reply to Ken Davis,... Shame on you, Ken Davis!.... Once again, shame on you, Ken Davis!.... Liar, Liar, your pants on FIRE, Ken Davis

"And if Ken Davis want to be a newsman, he have to investigate the sources first before you pass it to the public. He cannot spread news without VERIFYING it first. Period. Ken does not verify. It is HIS job to verify first before spreading it out. He did not therefore he is not real newsman, he is just a gossipmonger." - Ridor9th.

"I think that, should we set up a petition or writing a letter to each sponsors to remove from The biggest problem is Ken Davis is not people person , not willing to listen to anybody's concerns and not acting as a role of CEO." - Marc Noble

Unfortunatly, which is a ironic example that Ken Davis allowing the followers nor anonymous attacks individuals that false allegations or false claims this statement... Including they witnessed Ken Davis personally attacked at Justin Vollmar and Ricky Taylor on facebook page and youtube with his ugly comments, somehow he removed all the comments and acted innocent as a victim. See for yourself... Is Ken Davis Innocent?

"I got News from a person. Their message is: I know Ridor9th well since many years. I hate him very much because he is very crazy and big liar to fool us being deaf and deaf world. He needs to go to jail because I feel not safe if many deaf people believe him being big liar because they don't believe me. That is why he is sicko, crazy, and theft. He stole my money I met him in Virginia a long ago. He almost raped me because he harassed sexual too much to bother me and other boys when I was 20s years old. Virginia hates him then he moved to New York then New York hates him then he probably moved to Frederick Maryland now. I dont understand why cant his sister stop him being troublemaker? World is crazy because too many people are crazy and different! You are best great dude I love you as my great friend and best deaf newspaper man! Take care.

"Where Is Your Respect?" by Ridor9th.
It focuses on Ken Davis, the CEO of This vlog is to address the actions by Ken Davis. He has to bear the responsibility of his actions.

The vlogsphere concerns and responses has reacted to a video showing,

Anyhow, Ridor9th's messages to address into public that captured Davis' attention and responses back as seen on Ken Davis - This is not GOSSIP. This is not DRAMA. This is WARNING about SLANDERS. in which is a very unprofessional journalism regarding "Where Is Your Respect".

Therefore, Ken Davis' considering that could will be granted a wish by Ridor9th's requested.... Davis' statement on facebook and claimed:

"I got several SignMail and Email messages that they want me to remove THEIR NEWS and THEIR WARNING. Sound like I have to shut down my Deaf Newspaper. And no more sharing THEIR NEWS and THEIR WARNING. I guess I'm no longer to their newsman. Should I should shut down and resign from newsman for their sake?"

"Bad NEWS from ZVRS: Ridor9th Team ordered ZVRS's web banners to be remove from Deaf Newspaper. Ridor9th Team wanted ZVRS to resign from our sponsors of Deaf Newspaper, LLC. ZVRS accepted it from Ridor9th Team. I already removed ZVRS's web banners from my website for Ridor9th Team's SAKE. If you disagree with Ridor9th Team, you may report it to Dawnmarie Caggiano and Tim Rarus. Thank you all my Friends and Fans to support Deaf Newspaper, LLC. Bless all your heart. I cherish my deaf community."

By Ken Davis CEO/Founder Deaf Newspaper, LLC

The responses has reacted to this statement showing, Davis asks the followers to helps to cover the sitautions of which the reasons may be avoiding embarrassment and humility has address into the public his wrongdoing messages and kind of makes it that much more illustrative that responses has reacted to a video showing, Ken Davis, you don’t practice what you preach!

It is clear that DeafNewspaper's website, facebook and youtube path has not been an easy one. It has been difficult in terms of integration, and for professional affirmation on the internet, and for even the possibility to study about the improper messages on the internet.

DeafNewspaper & Ken Davis:

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NOTE: Deaf YouVideo is NOT a personal attack or otherwise, the story covers for all information events which recent reports made by public to the communities.
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