Deaf Newspaper The Fake Newsman Ken Davis

Deaf Newspaper the CEO Ken Davis is under fire for fake news stories, name-calling, false allegations and unprofessional newsman.

The story covers about the ceo and founder also known as Ken Davis the fakery reporter-newsman of the American's newspaper website a social networking for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community, and the ASL-users describes Ken Davis referring as Ron Burgundy, the bumbling fictional television newsman played by Will Ferrell in “Anchorman.”

Deaf individuals consistently find disgusting and sparked a chorus of outrage after Ken Davis telling the followers that he's denying the allegations or false claims were found on facebook page among the false-filled messages that are used as insinuations or allegations individuals also and critical, disagree, disapprove or speech manner in the ASL-signing regarding Ken Davis' comments/videos which recent reports made by public to the communities.

Ken Davis' video posted on YouTube "Don't Kill Yourself. Please ask for a HELP!" claimed to use all the suicidal victims to cover his own mess or pity - some people went ahead and googled all the names and discovered that he got most of information wrong of the age and how die and all the victims were hearing students, not Deaf teenagers at all. It digusted for the community as well, because what Ken Davis had been doing is unethical! Watch this video and weep.

Deaf community responses has reacted to a video showing Deaf People Need To Know This! and Ken Davis Used The Victims about the false claimed about the suicidal victims.

"Ken's one sick f--k, using suicide victims to push his agenda, making it look like he 'tried to help them all', making him look like a good man, that's a bulls--t! what a disturbing individual. I like how he makes sure it looks like everyone is supporting him on facebook is sicken me" - Klutz

It focuses on All About Ken Davis, the CEO of DeafNewspaper. This vlog is to address the actions by Ken Davis. He has to bear the responsibility of his stupidity actions by Ricky Taylor aka Ridor9th.

The vlogsphere concerns and responses has reacted to a video showing, as seen Ridor9th channel on YouTube.

"And if Ken Davis want to be a newsman, he have to investigate the sources first before you pass it to the public. He cannot spread news without verifying it first. Period. Ken does not verify. It is his job to verify first before spreading it out. He did not therefore he is not real newsman, he is just a gossipmonger." - Ridor9th.

Therefore, Ricky Taylor's messages to address into the public that captured Davis' attention and responses back as seen on Ken Davis - This is not GOSSIP. This is not DRAMA. This is WARNING about SLANDERS. In which is a very unprofessional journalism regarding "Where Is Your Respect".

Including they witnessed Ken Davis personally attacked at Justin Vollmar and Ricky Taylor on facebook page and youtube with his ugly comments, somehow he removed all the comments and acted innocent as a victim in which you need to see for yourself on Is Ken Davis Innocent?

"It's astonishing that so many Deafies would fall for Ken Davis's lies and take it as the gospel truth. He shouldn't be allowed to continue spreading misleading information and slanderous messages, period. He has a responsibility to himself and others and step down from being a "newsman." What he does is considered yellow journalism, and for the kind of crap he spews, he could go and work for a tabloid." - Kerri Jansson

Many people thinks Deaf the CEO Ken Davis is a unprofessional journalism, fake newsman and liar pathological according to the Deaf social networking responses has reacted to a video showing on Ken Davis put status from someone abt DeafJoePreacher - DeafNewsPaper, You Are Dumbest In The World! - DeafNewsPaper, Ken Davis Is A Scams? and on YouTube videos showing - Liar, Liar, your pants on FIRE, Ken Davis - Ken Davis, This Is Getting Old! - Unfinished business with Ken Davis.

BEWARE of SCAM...Deaf Single Online owner by Ken Davis.

Ken Davis unfriend me in Facebook because I made a vlog about him asking me to join Deaf Single Online. I told him I am not interested, he asked me why I put my status "single" on my facebook profile. I told him I really don't want to join... After he saw me to make a vlog in DVTV. He notified to YouTube for removing my vlog. Ken made a post and saying ugly thing about me. Ken's supporters left ugly messages under his post against me. My friends left messages under his post, he unfriend them. My friends did not do anything wrong, they told him that Karen aren't interested to join Deaf Single Online. I guess Ken wanted to run business with DSO. It costs $10 for become a member of DSO. no thanks... I know it is not safe. - Mermaid Karen.

Davis asks the followers to helps to cover the sitautions of which the reasons may be avoiding embarrassment and humility has address into the public his wrongdoing messages and kind of makes it that much more illustrative that responses has reacted to a video showing, Ken Davis, you don’t practice what you preach!


It is clear that DeafNewspaper's website, facebook and YouTube path has not been an easy one. It has been difficult in terms of integration, and for professional affirmation on the internet, and for even the possibility to study about the improper messages on the internet.

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