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Deaf Backpackers Travel - Deafying Stereotypes

Deaf News: How can you survive in this world if you don’t know how to communicate or drive? Deaf people can do anything, except hear!

Two Scots Abroad - These are the most common questions we get asked throughout our lives. So, you can imagine how people react initially when they find out that we wanted to travel.

“Isn’t it too dangerous for you to travel?” Our parents’ utmost fears. They feared that since we aren’t capable of hearing certain surroundings, that there may be a risk to our lives. For instance, they feared that we wouldn’t be able to hear oncoming speeding cars.

The truth is: Deaf people can do anything, except hear. What people tend to forget or may not realise is that although we cannot hear, our other senses are heightened. We naturally developed other senses more strongly - in particular, our vision. We develop skills such as reading lips, facial expressions and body language.

However, we put off travel for a long time because of the fears that society and the media instil into our conscious. One day, we both decided to face that challenge and prove to others that Deaf people are capable of travel. Thus, our blog, Deafinitely Wanderlust, was born.

Through our adventure, we conquered not only the language barriers but communication barriers as well. In comparison to Hearing people, we naturally picked up their local gestures faster because our voices are our hands. We can also distinguish through body language when locals are nervous, annoyed or even lying... See more with photos:

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