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DeafNation Sold To Language People, Inc.

VIDEO: Deaf News: The CEO of DeafNation, Joel Barish is being acquired by Lisa Wrench, the CEO of Language People, Inc. A hearing-owned who proclaimed the self-stamp "Deaf-Friendly Certified" company.

MURRIETA, CA -- DeafNation, a company based in Austin, Texas, has been bought out by Language People, according to the Justia Trademark website trademark filing.

Don Cullen who is known as Deaf blogger writes about current Deaf-related issues at posted and shared an article "DeafNation Acquired by Language People" the coverage on Joel Barish and Lisa Wrench dealt within the Deaf community responses has reacted across the United States.

Deaf Nation: Deafaccountality? What's wrong to give a Deaf Enterpretur a chance to strive the growth, hope and business-alike visions? Boycott!

DeafNation World Expo is set to happen next year (July 5-8, 2016) at Las Vegas. The acquistion has no impact on the event. It is unclear at this time whether Language People will make an appearance at the event, or if Lisa Wrench, CEO of Language People, will be speaking or making an appearance at the event.

Joel Barish, CEO of DeafNation for the last 18 years, announced the acquisition. Joel will continue to manage DeafNation as a division of Language People, according to the Language People website.

As you know DeafNation has increased awareness of issues facing the Deaf community for over 12 years. And because of you, we created the spark that lit the fire of change in schools, businesses, and local governments everywhere. We now have a new vision, a bigger vision that will allow the Deaf Community to connect and communicate better than ever. To connect the Deaf community with all those around us. To improve the communication of ideas and knowledge. To create better awareness of the rights and needs of the Deaf. In connecting and communicating we will create a template for social change. To set this example and lead the way, we are proud to announce that DeafNation was recently acquired by Language People, a leader in the field of Deaf services, as part of a bigger plan of determined focus and commitment to shape a brighter future. Language People has developed a vision that fits with DeafNation’s vision for empowering the Deaf. Working together in the same company we will set the example for positive change. DeafNation will only get better. Our reach will be wider, our influence stronger. This joint effort will add more opportunity and services, influence social change, improve health care, government services, and increase social awareness. Join us as we connect, communicate, and create a world of endless possibilities for the Deaf community.
Joel Barish:

Language People - Founded in 1988, Language People (formerly Bay Area Translations, Inc.) provides interpreting (including American Sign Language) and translation services in California and across the United States.

Language People provides 24/7 interpreting services to hospitals, courts, and many private companies. Along with in-person interpretation, Language People is also a VRI provider.

The Deaf Community is the 3rd largest cultural linguistic group in the United States.

Deaf consumers comprise an estimated 10 million individuals. For each Deaf person, there are approximately 3-5 people who are strongly influenced based on how their Deaf friends, family, and associates are treated, making a potential reach to 50 million consumers in the U.S. Deaf consumers also are members of every other demographic (i.e., language, race, socioeconomic status, geographical location, education etc.). These same marketing factors of influence exist internationally.

However, the Deaf community citing prior concerns raised in the past about Language People’s activities in “certifying businesses as ‘DeafFriendly' by a smaller competitor, DeafFriendly:

“LP Connect, also known as the Language People, used the privilege to certify businesses as ‘Deaf-Friendly’ without our knowledge. DeafFriendly recently presented an open vlog letter to LP Connect to cease their certification program used to certify local businesses as ‘Deaf-Friendly’.”
Jessica M. Lang:

LP Connect’s response on this issue can be seen here, along with DeafFriendly’s counter-response.

It is clear that Language People has some convincing to do when it comes to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. However, Lisa (Language People CEO) appears undaunted by the challenge in front of her based on a quote by her addressing the DeafNation acquisition: “Together we can all make America equal opportunity for the Deaf this is the only the start of many wonderful things at the destination.

Lisa Wrench, the CEO of Language People has been responsed on"DeafNation Acquired by Language People"... Read The Full Story.

DeafNation: Corruption, Deception and Betrayal & #DeafNation
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