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Michael Hubbs, Deaf, Olympic Hopeful & Fraud ?

Michael W. Hubbs, Deaf, Olympic Hopeful, and Con Artist.

Article from Deaf blog, deafndumb: Michael (Mike) Hubbs, a Fraud: Still recalling the experience as clear as day, six years ago, when I first met this man, Michael Hubbs, back when I was just twenty years old. Coincidentally riding together on the Gallaudet bus over to the Union Station, and apparently so, one curious enough to entice a conversation with me.

Mike sat besides me from my aisle as we rode along without any passengers around. A new face, I thought as I really didn't care much about this person. With one's hair slicked back, a black t-shirt worn with tan cargo shorts, and some grey running shoes on. Waving to get my attention, one asked with a jittery composure, "what's your name?" signing with his mouth open, revealing his pearly white teeth, "do you work out?" as I was already unable to respond to his first inquiry... Deaf Speedskater Michael Hubbs is a Con Artist.

'I AM' - Michael Hubbs.

"Clyde..." I responded... although a bit more eagerly, I then added, "yeah... I do work out, it's all that I ever do." Meh, meh, meh... as a Deafie would gesture with one's lips, acknowledging with intrigue, Mike then asked, "how much do you bench?" "Do you squat?" Again... asking several questions without the proper knowledge of how to actually converse with somebody. I nodded along, "315 lbs... I squat okay, 315 lbs as well." Shaking his head, "that's bad!" he, already, went onto criticize me, as we were passing by New York Ave, onwards Union Station.

Naturally being distracted, I peered out the bus window to see who may have been waiting outside for the bus once only to find that there was nobody else around, before redirecting my attention t'wards Mr. Hubbs, "So hey... where are you going?" he asked. "Pentagon City Mall," I said, "to buy myself some protein and to bullshit around I guess." Meh, meh, meh, Mike did again with his stupid lips, still staring at me with those eyes jolted of such energy that's often found unmatched with most people that I've met. "Mind if I join you? I'm just metro-ing around to get some idea of Washington D.C. before I decide that I enroll myself in Gallaudet University." ... Read The Full Story.

UPDATE: Michael Hubbs Statement on "This will be the only one time statement from me. It’s going to be simple. I have not made any comments antwhere about this blog until now. I took the time to sit back and remain calm. This is a new experience for me. I am not going to make any comments about the blog telling if it was true or not. It does not matter. The point is that you need to ask yourself few questions. Do you really know me? What is the goal of this blog? What exactly is he trying to do and trying to win? Do you know the author? Do you know his history? Everything on the blog is the truth? Have you look at his facebook reading many different comments that he made? Am I the only one that he is pointing at? Why hold the past when it was about 6 or 7 years ago? The truth is let the ACTION do the talk." Michael Hubbs' statement can found on facebook page:

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