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When Haters Gonna Still Hate, Stop The Deaf Bullies

VIDEO: The Vlogsphere/Blogsphere are so obsessed with Sloan Churman's inspiring video where Sarah Churman hears her own voice for the first time after a lifetime of being Deaf as seen on 29 Year Old Deaf Woman Hears Herself For The First Time which still debating on the internet.

The several people most assumed and accusations that hearing impaired that did the comments under Sloan Churman's inspiring video for instance, The Damage Has Been Done! which is absolutely no proven by hearing impaired people that did this. What. 50K comments, majority of hearing impaired people attacking?.. 50K? oh puh-eeease.

Some time passed before I found an excellent example of the earlier point as similar of the videos.

An amazing and touching video of a young woman turning on her passionate message on Youtube whereas a simple, "Stop The Deaf Bullies Video" posted by Emily Darcy which she is implantable hearing as Sarah Churman would have been both sufficient and polite, many people chose to turn the video's comment section into their own personal political platform. Several of them did it in the most tactless way possible, offering up flat out insults and not even constructive points. Many people even attacked the beliefs of the videos, therefore, there's no difference between these the videos.

But then the sad thing is that you'll get your usual haters in the comment section as always by a bunch of idiots and then you have a bunch of ignorant like naysayers, haters and extremist people who can't even understand that Deaf/HH people can speaks out how they feels. You'll have to spend some time to find and read those nasty comments as you can seen on: Stop The Deaf Bullies -All Comments

The original video - Stop The Deaf Bullies.

There was a competition to make a video about the 'Deaf bullying' so I thought to make one because I'm also Deaf and just showing the haters out there what being Deaf is really like. Bullying the Deaf people is pathetic because it's not their fault for being Deaf. I hope all of you's understand this video cause basically of the Deaf people do get bullied for it, but look, we've got the most amazing life.

For your information, DYV posted this article, anyhow, When Haters Gonna Still Hate And The Clueless Ones Continue To Be Clueless known as blogger kokonutpundits realized and changed the story to cover it up as continued biased editing is bringing it and contributors into disrepute after we posted this issued, You can see kokonutpundits' ingorant comment on theholism's blog article "The Damage Has Been Done". It's obvious stereotypical. As seen on Ridor9th's vlog related this issue: October 18, 2011 Tidbits - This is for you, Mickey Mouse (KokonutPundits)

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