Deaf Girl's Bullying In Mainstream School

What it's like a life struggle being Deaf in the mainstream school.

Jazzy tells a story, her speaking, her heart, poured out. If you are Deaf, Hearing Impaired, or just don't understand, here is what she said...

Jazzy The Blondie was born with a hearing impairment. She was Deaf completly till the age of 6 because her parents got the hearing devices. But since she first stepped in elementary school, there was never a day someone would push her down, call her names, not talk to her, and mostly, never a day that her own school teacher would respect Jazzy.

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In the mainstream school, Jazzy was stupid, and was dumb. She would get best up at school because when She say "what, I can't hear you.." they would take that as sarcasm. She got referrals, suspensions, and got kicked out of school for things she haven't done. She was accused of "smoking in the bathroom" in my 4th grade year. She was "accused of beating up 3 girls in the back of school" when She didn't even know how to fight, and in field trips the principal was always picking her up and taking her to detention because she would get into fights, but they would pick up the ones who fought with her.

She was always in trouble for standing for herself. The school principal abused her, and even had her hold back a year in school for no reason whatsoever, almost fired her mom from her job and she left her last day of school with a concussion and four stab wounds on her back from those tacks that pin papers with on the wall because of this girl that would always fight with her. She only had her friend in those years. but she was worse than her, she commit suicide at the age of thirteen she was eleven, She call the cops on it cause.

The sad thing is she couldn't even attend the funeral, the parents had her buried in Arizona. She became suicidal, cut, drank smoked, but she joined martial arts later. and she is still in martial arts now to this day.

In 6th grade, she started having friends. People knew not to mess with her cause all this made stronger. and she always had to get in a fight. But she was so happy when she didn't lose her first real fight that gained the full respect.

She was wondered though, why people are so cruel still. Especially when someone has a disability they have to live with there whole life, and they laugh about it. Actions may be stronger than words, but no one said words didn't hurt as well. She is still hurt though. because its been since 6th grade that no ones bothered her until like two weeks ago, she cried her eyes out and just broke down, because this girl in her class would say "I m surprised you can hear the school bell."

If only she could put all those people in her shoes, and show them what its like to be like this, alone, rejected, hurt to judge what you don't understand. This is why she decide to give hugs. because in those times, nobody was there to give the one. No one deserves to live her life, a life without anyone beside them. She Love you guys and promise.

If you lived with a disability, a bad habit, a different sexual orientation, or an impairment, and you blame it for all your problems, and what you've been through in your past, don't. Thank god for it. why?

It makes you stronger than anyone else that consider thereselves "normal", and you being the "Abnormal, weird, strange" person. It makes you more confident than others, and more tougher through out life. Don't reflect the pain you went through on others, turn that pain into something greater, and give something to others, that you never had before like friendship, love, trust Jazzy.

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