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Deaf Community Versus Hearing Community

Deaf Community Versus Hearing Community by Andrew Scott Kerr.

The tubers entertaining Deaf couple Annette and Scott Kerr presentation in the "PrankandSpank" statement on YouTube.

REMEMBER: This does NOT apply to all hearing people. I don't want you all jumping to conclusions because it will prove my point valid that you cannot read or listen carefully.

I never said we were better than other disabilities as the only thing we can't do is hear but we still get treated like an outcast compared to other disabilities as people think we are the lowest of the low. But you can't say that we are less capable of doing anything as we can do more than other disabilities can.

It's always been that fact for the longest time and I am sorry you disagree with that. That is my point. Please tell me it is not hard for you to understand that?

There have been many videos on here with Deaf people trying to educate the hearing community but sometimes the message does not get across. I have decided to give my opinion on what I think but in a more offensive way using stronger words and more points because after all the hearing people have put us down for years and still believe we are not capable of doing anything to this very day. If only they knew how many successful Deaf people there have been in this world. And don't tell me I can't say anything negative when we have been getting negative shit thrown in our faces for years.

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