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'ANTM' Contestant Nyle DiMarco's ASL Phrases

WATCH: ET Interviews: 'ANTM' Deaf contestant Nyle DiMarco names his sexiest feature and signs 'Top Model' phrases.

While it’s easy to brush off America's Next Top Model in its 22nd cycle, there’s one very hunky reason to still watch: Nyle DiMarco.

In fact, this cycle has been fun to watch as the guys an addition to the competition in cycle 20 have been bringing the drama, as well as the sex appeal.

Nyle DiMarco is one the show’s leading contestants, standing at 6’2” with piercing blue eyes and washboard abs. He also happens to be Deaf, which Tyra Banks and others initially thought of as a possible hindrance.

But over the course of the competition, the 26-year-old model has shown that it’s actually a benefit. DiMarco tells ET that reading body language comes naturally to him, helping him understand how to pose with his body.

The cycle 22 breakout sat down with ET to talk about embracing fame.

He can also shut out all the unending fights that take place in the house each week. “Fortunately, I'm Deaf, so I don't have to hear all of their drama,” says DiMarco, staying above the fray that often comes back to Banks’ Ty-Overs. “I just want to say that you all are complaining about hair, hair, hair. Am I complaining about my deafness? No, I am not.”

When it comes to his best assets, Banks and fellow judge (and PR maven) Kelly Cutrone have taken notice of his abs and waist, often asking him to remove his shirt during panel. And DiMarco totally understands. “My sexiest feature is my body,” he says, adding, “I work out a lot.” ... Read The Full Story.

Watch a preview from an upcoming episode of ANTM in which DiMarco’s housemates learn ASL phrases Top Models Learn ASL For Deaf Contestant.

About America’s Next Top Model - Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model, hosted by Tyra Banks, will feature the third “Guys and Girls” edition. Selected men and women living under one roof will battle it out to earn the prestigious title of America’s Next Top Model.

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