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Why Deaf People Will Be Voting For Trump

WATCH [CC] - Reasons why Deaf people support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for the United States Presidential Election 2016.

WASHINGTON -- Why would Deaf people vote for someone like Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton, besides the fact that on list “Vote for a Democrat” ranks right there below “catch cold” it’s actually less about how good Trump is he’s not "he’s terrible" than about how bad Hillary is super terrible, as in “Destroy America” terrible. So it's easy to look at Hillary's history and her belief in the American leadership as a presidential campaign lying in the United States history.

Therefore, the reason why Deaf people for Hillary supporters want to vote for a Democratic nominee for US president 2016. Watch the 77 faces of Deaf Hillary supporters aren’t just voting for her, because she’s a woman, nor don't care.

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“Millions of people are going to vote for her because she’s a woman.” In another case, a woman friend posted a proud #ImWithHer status. One of her friends replied: “Because she’s female or because of her track record?”... Read More at Hillary Clinton Supporters Aren’t Just Voting for Her “Because She’s a Woman”.

Let this be clear. This isn’t a pro-Trump blog. Not voting for Trump. But after watching hours of footage of both Trump and Hillary, Have seen an incredible pattern that Trump would be president. Even though not voting for him.

Not because They want Trump to, but because he is head and shoulder above Hillary when it comes to campaigning and you may not have realized why it’s working so well. Here's the video with closed captions and will be voting for Trump.

Why Donald Trump Will SMASH Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump is going to beat Hillary Clinton and be the next President of the United States.

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So let’s rewind one year to see how Trump got to where he is and how that can show us where he’s going. Because as soon as Trump announced, a lot of people thought it was a joke.

First he was seen as a joke... Then he started making outlandish statements, dominating the news cycle... Then he took down his republican rivals one by one, naming them Weak Jeb, Little Marco, and Lyin' Ted... And now he has set his sights on Hillary Clinton.

Hillary, in the meantime, has demonstrated an ineffective strategy. Her slogan, "Love trumps hate," has Trump's name in it. Her talking points typically come back to the fact that she is a woman, which Trump has labeled "playing the woman card."

It has caused her to slip to the point where she and Trump are at a dead heat in the polls. Some even have him up. Source.

Donald Trump was right about predicting that Hillary's ongoing private server email scandal has been leaked - Finally: the Eruption of the Clinton Foundation Scandal.

Newly Released Emails Don’t Look Great For Hillary Campaign: New emails sent by Hillary Clinton’s staff during her time in the State Department have recently been released. It doesn’t look great for the Clinton campaign.

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"Newly released State Department records, including previously unreleased emails fromHuma Abedin, appear to show Clinton Foundation donors calling in favors from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The new documents released on Tuesday were obtained by the legal watchdog group Judicial Watch as part of their Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that seeks information about Abedin’s unique employment arrangement with the State Department. Judicial Watch claims some the documents paint a troubling portrait of then-Secretary of State Clinton possibly giving preferential treatment to top campaign bundlers and Clinton Foundation donors.

For example, an April 2009 email exchange with the subject line “[a] favor…” appears to showlongtime Clinton associate Doug Band reaching out to Abedin and Cheryl Mills, writing, “Important to take care of [name redacted].”... Read More.

Hillary Clinton is an American policy and virtual Democratic nominee for US president in the elections of 2016. She is the first woman candidate to obtain that status part of one of the most important parties in the United States. She served as the sixty-seventh Secretary of State of the United States of America from 2009 to 2013, junior senator of the United States representing New York from 2001 to 2009, first Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001 and first lady of Arkansas 1983 1992.

As a Secretary of State of the Obama administration from 2009 to 2013, Hillary Clinton was leading the US response to the Arab Spring and supported the military intervention in Libya. She assumed responsibility for security flaws related to the attacks in Benghazi of 2012 which ended in the deaths of US consulate staff but defended his personal actions on the issue. After leaving office at the end of Obama's first term, she gave lectures and speeches, before announcing his second bid for the presidency in 2016 elections.

Recommendation: Helen Whipplemyer is voting for Donald J. Trump in the upcoming presidential election in November, provided he holds and becomes the Republican nominee... Read More: Self-Loathing, Blind, and Deaf Woman Explains Why She’s Voting for Donald Trump. Deaf people for Hillary and her supporters will be reconsidered and voting for Donald Trump to be President of the United States.

Why Deaf Americans Fear President Trump
Why Deaf People Should Obey President Trump

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