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Deaf Voters: ‘Retarded & White America’ Rigged

The blog coverage on Marlee Matlin's ‘Retarded’ and Deaf American's ‘White America’ is misleading and possibly rigged.

Share from Facebook: Let this be clear. This isn’t a pro-Democrat or Republican blog, no taken sides in the presidential race, just expressing the opinions.

Here's the blog coverage on Marlee Matlin's ‘Retarded’ and a Deaf American's ‘White America’ There's something fishy going on, is it a rigged or not, you decide.

Donald Trump repeatedly called Marlee Matlin's "retarded"

Marlee Matlin, an actor who is Deaf, said she was “deeply” upset by reports that Donald Trump repeatedly called her “retarded” when she appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice.

Three NBC staffers on the reality TV show, who requested anonymity due to non-disclosure agreements, told the Daily Beast that Trump often treated Matlin with disrespect and called her “retarded,” both behind her back and in front of her, as seen on Marlee Matlin Slams Donald Trump ‘Retarded’.

Thousand of Deaf American voters, mostly Republican supporters does not believe three NBC staffers' claimed, because, there was no proven or evidence that a Republican presidential candidate Trump repeatedly called her “retarded”.

Rigged is a conspiracy theory that circulated alleging Donald Trump repeatedly called Marlee Matlin's “retarded” before the Presidential Election 2016, apparently, Matlin appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice and the second place on season 11 in 2011, it was 5 years ago, when the Presidential Election is near an end and three staffers of the NBC of Democratic Party too soon announced in 2016 five years later regarding Trump's comment's “retarded”, which three NBC staffers were in fear the Republican Donald Trump would be president, and they set up an accused of discrimination as bait Deaf Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton, that figures, unfortunately, it was not work that way. There seems to be something fishy going on with the NBC of Democratic Party. 'Rigged'?

#2: Something fishy going on about the image of Deaf American man claims.

“This is white America now.” Deaf American man abused in cafe.

Deaf American man has written about the abuse he faced in a cafe just hours after Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election.

Deaf American man nor woman is a Liberal, who's possibly make it up the story to the Deaf community. Some of voters find quite bizarre strange about this image.

First of all: Ironically about this texts image and it seems not make sense, because, the media claimed "Deaf American Man" has written which Lena is a female given name, not a male given name. However, Lena Van Manen is a child of Deaf parents (CODA) and has native signing skills. She is a freelance interpreter with a NIC Master certification from RID, which must be her associate has written on her Facebook, it's not clarify enough as misleading.

Nyle DiMarco reposted and share, to protect the user (Lena Van Manen)

Second: Deafies puzzles this texts image, how the hell he has been communicate with a racial slurs hearing person which he could not understand what a guy was saying and screaming from two inches of nose to nose? Lena was with her associate the whole time at Starbucks in early morning? There was no proven or evidence. There seems to be something fishy going on. 'Rigged'?

Hillary Clinton's campaign were disappointment from the Republican swept to victory over Hillary in the ultimate triumph for a campaign that repeatedly shattered the conventions of politics a remarkable upset, that's mainly reasons. They are probably pissed off because, they got their asses whipped by Republicans. What a butthurt for Democrat supporters these today in America.

They got to accept Donald Trump is become the 45th President of the United States. He is your president now.

Again, remember this isn’t a pro-Democrat or Republican blog, just expressing the opinions. Clarification: Guest post to share from Facebook.

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