Cyclone Sign Language Guy Goes Viral

Auslan interpreter who keeps stealing the show and everyone’s hearts during cyclone press conference.

BRISBANE, Australia -- Queensland has been battered by a Category 5 Cyclone and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been busy warning people about the #cyclonemarcia storm.

The Auslan interpreter in the facial expressions are an important part of Australian Sign Language, vital to getting across the true meaning of the message. #signguy has a name! It’s Mark Cave. He’s 30 years old and has been working as an Australian sign language interpreter for 12 years... READ MORE.

Cyclone Marcia leaves multimillion-dollar damage:

Central Queensland resembles a war zone and now faces a multibillion-dollar repair bill after Cyclone Marcia tore through the Rockhampton region, destroying or unroofing hundreds of homes and causing large-scale infrastructure damage.

Homes were blasted apart by the force of the Category 5 cyclone which smashed into the Capricorn Coast packing wind gusts close to 300km/h.

Terrified residents who opted not to evacuate cowered in their homes as the ferocious winds peeled off roofs, blew out windows and sent large trees spearing through walls.

Hilltop houses around Vaughan and John streets in Yeppoon copped the full brunt, with one completely destroyed and several unroofed... Read The Full Story.

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