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Deaf Protesters Complains of Police Brutality

WATCH [CC] The police took Deaf protesters to the streets in India.

PUNE, India -- Deaf community in Maharashtra has had enough. Pradeep More General Secretary of State Level Association of the Deaf passionately voices the demands of the community.

Deaf individuals gathered outside the Disability Commissioner's office in Pune have decided they will not take no for an answer. It is high time, the government provides accessibilty and quality education to Deaf people.

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The group has decided to march to the Mantralaya to meet the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in Mumbai, if their demands are not met.

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The Pune Police on Monday resorted to lathi-charge to disperse a crowd of Deaf students who were staging a demonstration in Pune, resulting in 35 of the students getting injured in the incident. The cops also detained around 170 activists working for the Maharashtra Deaf Association but later released them.

Nearly 11,000 hearing-impaired youths from across Maharashtra had gathered outside the Social Welfare Commissionerate in Pune near the police commissioner’s office, pressing for their long-standing demands. Among other things, the students were demanding the right to quality education, prevention of fraudulent distribution of disability certificates to able-bodied individuals and provision of trained interpreters for deaf students, reports said.

The police action against the protesters, most of whom were students, was widely criticised by opposition political parties, with many slamming the BJP government for the state of affairs. Meanwhile, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has ordered the Pune police commissioner to submit a detailed report on the matter by Tuesday morning, as per reports.

The Pune Police had said that it had decided not to proceed with the FIR process against the protesters and hence no FIR was filed. On the other hand, the cops have reportedly claimed that around 7 to 8 policemen had also suffered injuries during the protest... Read More: Times Now News.


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