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Super Bowl: NBC Discriminates Deaf Community

WATCH: Deaf Sports News - Outraged on the NBC-Super Bowl XLVI discrimination to the Deaf community.

INDIANAPOLIS -- At Super Bowl XLVI, The NAD Miss Deaf America, Rachel Mazique performed the anthem America the Beautiful in American sign language, so very disappointed as Rachel Mazique wasn't on TV the national broadcast, which is not the first time the NBC has done it at major event. "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson rendition of the national anthem unsurprisingly finished her version clocked in at one minute, 34 second less time than Rachel Mazique's lengthy one minute, 54 second version of the song.

The National Association for the Deaf announced that the NAD Miss Deaf America, Rachel Mazique, will perform the national anthem and America the Beautiful in American sign language (ASL) at the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis on February 5, 2012. The NAD in partnership with PepsiCo worked closely with the National Football League to ensure that America's songs would be delivered in ASL at Super Bowl. The NAD hopes that the national broadcast will include the signed performance. A video clip showed Rachel Mazique wasn't on TV.

Rachel Mazique unseen on television at Super Bowl.

Numerous Deaf people of community in the United States very disappointed with the NBC didn't show Rachel Mazique signing the National Anthem at Super Bowl as seen on video clip. Must be a more reason to hate it, not even camera was focused on her.

NBC didn't even try to get Rachel Mazique on TV. Is NBC anti-deaf? Is AG Bell, and HB 1367 has been agreement with the NBC to avoiding sign language performance on the national broadcast? The NAD and PepsiCo typically meaning of failing cooperation with the NBC/NFL as well. The Deaf community wonder what the NAD are working with? or an epic fail? Deaf people hopefully the NAD give an explanation why does Rachel Mazique isn't on TV after all.

UPATE: Statements from Ms. Rachel Mazique's Facebook Page. She was posted at FB:

"To my family, friends, fans, supporters: Thank you for rooting for me. I'm as disappointed as you are that American Sign Language gained no exposure. ASL was also not shown on the JumboTron inside the stadium as far as I know. I have poor quality videos of me signing...blurry...signs and face cut off at some points.. shaky film because my mom was being pushed around on the sidelines...not sure if they are worth posting.."

"I am so sorry you didn't get the chance to see me on TV and I thank you all for your support and excitement. I'm re-posting this from someone's comment on my status: "Post your videos! And I got this off someone else's status: Found this email address in case you are interested in writing NBC regarding Rachel Mazique not being shown in the pre-game:" Some are also tweeting to NBC. If enough people in the general public express their disappointment, next year's performer should get air time." As seen on Facebook:

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