Disturbing 'Momo Challenge' Hoax Spreads

Disturbing and creepy, the ‘Momo Challenge’ isn’t a viral danger to children online, but it sure is viral.

People across the world are spreading awareness about 'Momo Challenge'.

If you’re a parent of a young child, chances are that someone on Facebook has sent you an alarming post about the “Momo challenge,” a game illustrated by a disturbing photograph of a woman, in which participants are blackmailed into completing increasingly dangerous tasks.

Maybe that post says that Momo is the latest “trend.”

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Momo was perfectly tuned to set off alarms in the mind of any parent: There’s something online that you don’t know about, and it’s about to kill or traumatize your child. Just one problem: There’s little evidence to confirm that the Momo challenge is real. Although multiple deaths are often attributed to the challenge in warnings about it, none has been confirmed.

The panic over Momo followed a familiar pattern established by other supposedly viral “challenges” - the condom challenge and Tide pod challenge, for example that caused a lot of hand-wringing but few, if any, documented injuries.

The viral spread of this kind of story may say less about the danger these challenges pose to young people and more about the fear that the Internet inspires in parents... Read More: Washington Post.

The Momo challenge is a Hoax:

But the online culture and financial rewards that made it seem feasible are scary.

Everyone worries about their kids.

My kid is two; from the moment he was born (and probably during the few months before), each time I heard about something bad happening to a child, I went into a panicky, sickened research mode, frantically searching for confirmation that the absolute worst had happened and could happen again.

Kidnappings, Monstrous Priests, Car Crashes, Obscure Diseases, Keisuke Aisawa’s Surrealist Sculpture Mother Bird,... Wait,,, What!?

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Aisawa, who works for a company that makes puppets and props for horror movies, made an especially scary sculpture of a bug-eyed bird lady monster that was displayed at a commercial art gallery in 2016; it made its way onto Instagram, then to the bowels of Reddit (which at that point was mostly bowel), to Kim Kardashian’s 129 million-follower Instagram, and today you probably know the sculpture as Momo, the horrible creature who tells teenagers to kill themselves on YouTube (originally WhatsApp)... Read More: NBC News.


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