Lost River Vacations 'Deaf-Centric' Campground

Deaf entrepreneurs 'Lost River Vacations' offers the chance to stay at brand new tiny house resort on 22 acres of property in West Virginia.

WASHINGTON DC -- An opportunity to stay at a brand new, purpose-built, eco-friendly tiny house near the tranquil Lost River State Park is just one reward being offered by on Kickstarter. Backers that support the campaign can get hold of Lost River hats, shirts, mugs, limited edition photographs and prints, a five-night stay at Lost River Vacations, customized benches, the right to name a trail, and more.

Lost River Vacations and their campaign have already been presented in the Washington Post. The Kickstarter campaign will feature artwork from Deaf artists, designers and a Deaf-owned printing company. Funds that are raised in the campaign will go towards Lost River Vacations' campground, a Deaf-owned, built and operated campground for tired, nerve-shaken people seeking a secluded getaway deep in the hills of West Virginia.

Lost River Vacations owners Jane Jonas, Shawn Harrington, and Andrew St. Cyr want to add amenities to the resort to make it even more special for those that choose to stay there for a one-of-a-kind experience. Plans are in place to add a disc golf course, hot tub, and espresso trailer, as well as other accessories like a fire pit, outdoor lighting and furniture, deck and picnic table.

Viewing Lost River Vacations' tiny house Photos - WTOP.

The Lost River Vacations retreat in West Virginia is set on 23 acres of land just two miles from the Lost River State Park, making it perfect for those in need of a quiet escape surrounded by nature. More than a dozen Deaf-owned businesses have already contributed to the project, making it a wonderful example of the Deaf ecosystem working together for a common aim.

Already installed at the resort are a road and parking lot, electrical connections, a drilled well, septic, and a tiny house, which is almost ready for rentals. The customized house was built entirely by Shawn Harrington, co-owner of NSH Properties as well as co-owner of Lost River Vacations, and a team of talented, Deaf craftsmen. They plan to build more dwellings when funds are available, including different sized accommodations, from tiny houses to log cabins to treehouses. Approval is already in place for three more tiny houses.

When the resort is ready, Lost River Vacations aims to provide a cooperative membership and feature special closed weekends for the members, as well as provide general rentals to the public.

They would eventually like to fund projects such as non-profit camps for Deaf children. In the longer term, they envision purchasing a second plot of land to create retreats and facilities for Deaf non-profit organizations to contribute to the project, get involved, or find out more about the Kickstarter campaign, visit the link here: https://kickstarter.com/projects/lostriver/lost-river-vacations.

SOURCE - ReleaseWire

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Website - https://lostrivervacations.com

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Lost River Vacations 'Deaf-Centric' Campground
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Lost River Vacations 'Deaf-Centric' Campground

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