DeafVIDEO.TV Fiasco

The DeafVIDEO.TV website is pronounced on the left-wing of pro-liberal political and critics vlogosphere than on the right.

Deaf YouVideo became aware about 'Trump Derangement Syndrome', the America's leading source of the libertarian news, politics, and culture on social media platforms in the ASL and Deaf Community.

The left-leaning DeafVIDEO.TV (DVTV) users claiming the conservatives, right-wing, Trump supporters and religious people are less-educated, backward or ignorant, unfortunately, they acknowledges the political views and aware of Donald J. Trump's ridiculous behavior, the libertarians think to pose a real threat to liberal democracy as they are afraid Trump will win election 2020.

However, Drumpf Daily aka Brian Tayler Mayer, who is the owner of DeafVIDEO.TV, a social networking website for the ASL community is well-known as the hub of bullying, stalking and left-communism attacks on conservatives, religions' freedom of choice and political freedom of speech as a former vlogger claimed.

The lefty owner banning conservatives and right-wings for no reason as excuses to follow R-List, apparently, they leave DVTV to Facebook, a social networking for the Deaf community leads the factor to losing vloggers and disaster which the DeafVIDEO.TV traffic statistics data going down rapidly fast when Drumpf Daily launched in 2016 at 400K to 1M to 300K in 2020 on traffic data image shown.

A look at the DeafVIDEO.TV as history repeats itself that continue the practice.

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The mainly reasons b/vloggers are no longer as the users.

It's quite obvious that left-leaning, libertarians are hyper-critical of Donald J. Trump, the feeble-minded DVTVers still don't get why they turn Deaf people off.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is truly a mental illness as it is a virus spreading that has affected Deaf libertarians become what it is today. This is so saddened to see people has been brainwashed from the lefty & righty news-media. There are various types of diseases we need to be aware of. Be careful not to consider an opinion to be fact-finding just because you disagree with it. Share this blog to your loved ones and friends to aware about Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Read More: Why Do Deaf People Fall For 'Fake News'.


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